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Magna carta of being Magnificent

Some are born great While the rest strive hard and achieve greatness. This oft repeated quote has been quoted to the realm of being cliché. What defines greatness? There have been several scores of empires and countless number of kings. But even with the literary license to thrill, very few kings have been suffixed as "the great". That 'A' lister series include Alexander, Ashoka, Akbar with an 'odd' Napolean thrown into the mix. Victorious expeditions and royal blood apart they couldn't have been a more diverse mix of personalities. But yet the common thread that ties them all is that they were all accepted and confirmed as 'the greatest'. So, the historical evidence concludes those who win major battles and are victorious in their conquests as great. But so was Genghis Khan, Timur and Hitler!! Mentioning any of them in admiration leave alone calling them as great would invite censure. It leads to believe probably the inference from the evid

Am i replaceable?

This has long been the Damocles sword of a question that hangs over many an employees head. Till recent past it had always been a question of a lower cost (location based) employee who was being considered a threat. Be it the Americas or India the threat perception and the threat factor, more or less, were similar. While the Americans fear being 'Bangalore d', it was always the question of a talented young fresher trying to catch up with a mid level resource in the service sector dominated Indian scenario. It had always been a running race on treadmills, wherein people, when threatened off their positions, moved from one company to another to perform more or less similar kind of jobs in nature. With latest level of consolidation happening on the data front and with the current craze over internet of things aiding such though process, the proverbial fear of replacement by fellow human is fast being replaced by that of an artificially intelligent being. In case of the latter, i

Indru Netru Naalai - review

Sci-fi movie in tamil..I don't remember any other movie in recent time or past that has stood afresh in memory. That such a genre could be a moneyspinner in southern box office itself is something that is amazing. It goes to show the changing sense of movie watchers and opens up newer genres, previously untouched for fear of failure. Wonder had those previous attempts been this simple or logical, maybe we would've seen lot such in those genre. Considering that right from our Puranas we had so much scientific inventions and thought process in our stories, this is one area, where we need more and more stories to be told. Sci-fi movies from Hollywood have even laid claim to fame for some of the recent inventions. Probably its high time we let our imagination run riot on screen and who knows the next big invention may be sitting on the script of one of the budding directors out there, awaiting his shot at glory.  Indru Netru Naalai is similar to the Back to the Future movie ser

Bahubali - review

Weekend movie watchla intha vaaram - vera enna Bahubali thaan. Namma makkalaam sentimental janangannu once again they prove. Visvaroopam controvesyappo when kamal cried that he is broke and if the movie doesn't do well he would be standing in nadu theru, sontha kaasu poattu cheque anupinathu yaaru..namma makkal thaen. Ippo paarunga..230 crores poattu padam pannirukangalam..apdi enna thaan irukumnu vedikka paaka vantha gumbal, moonay naalula poatta kaasula paathi collect panni kuduthirukaanga!! Paasakara payalunga. Padam epdirukku? Amar chitra katha pudikatha aalay irukka mudiathu. If one has to bring those stories to life and make justice to it,definitely it would need such a big budget and obviously there would be returns. This movie is no exception to this rule. Right from the first teaser with the hand majestically holding the baby to the waterfall cross jump scene and the battle sequences the movie never fails to meet the expectations raised sky high. Its an ordinary story

Sheldon spot conundrum

Gilsbert goes t new office. Somehow, all potti thatting kambenis have a common approach to seat arrangement. Either they would be all arranged in row after row like space station launch control rooms or they would be like booths in a bar with 4 per cubicle. However personalized you make it, it always look "official". Wherever the location is, if there is gilsbert, kodumai has to follow illaya. Midnight 8 AM on a Monday. Gilsbert being the only person on the shift, potti thatting vigorously. Suddenly someone walks up to him. Midnightla pei padam night show poitu arandu merandu ukkanthirukara mathiri, yaarumay illatha aapeecela tea aathitrukara Gilsbert, jumps in fright, hearing the sound. The person who walked in looked more annoyed than Gilsbert, probably for being pushed into the shift or veetla poorikattai kaalangaathalaye prayoga paduthitaangalo ennamo. "Echuseme, why are you sitting here" Gilsbert manasukkulla nonthu kittay mind voicela "naan mattum e