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Mustafa..Mustafa... :D

VidyaShankar passed away due to cardiac arrest. Kaalangaathala..newspaperla first news item..front pagela athuvum!!!! This is the third time I think..i am seeing my be more precise..another person carrying same name as the obituary section..that too on front page!!! Namma per ulla aalungalaam front pagela vara alavuku famous irukangalaynu santhosha padratha..illa intha per vachirukaravangalaam puttukaraangalaynu feel panratha!!! Whatever it is..birthday anniki kuda avlo calls varala..intha newsa paathutu egapatta calls. Appo thaan realised..aaha..naatula namma mela ivlo kolaveri paasathoda makkal irukaangalaynu. En team mates intha newsa paathutu..weekend venaam..weekdayva paathuka..atleast oru naal leave kedaikum engalukunu advice gave. Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv..... By the way..ever wondered how come FUNERAL anagrams into REALFUN??!!! maybe because of News like this?? :D My granpa used to check the obituary column religiously. Hindu paperla Last but second page, usually the

Review timela..Angaadi theru

Roooommmmmbaaaa lateana review. Inum oru masam delay paniruntha Suntvlaye potrupaan :) still couldnt resist it. Its a wonderful movie and it would be a pleasure to write about it. Its a shame that i needed a movie like this to even think about those people..who despite being present were always invisible to my eyes. Not that i've became a saint overnight watching this movie nor was i a rude brute of a person who went out of the way to create trouble for the downtrodden. But again..what i was doing was even worse. IGNORANCE. It needed a 3 hour movie to wake me up to realise how blessed i am and how much still i keep cribbing..wanting for more. And more than anything..i now have a whole new outlook and respect towards those people who sweat blood in those textile shops. I had always avoided serious movies. I never liked movies or even books for that matter which preach. Especially tear jerkers. YUCK. But this one..have seen it twice already in 2 weeks and each time it was a slap on m

Review timela Rajneethi

To me, the greatest story ever told would always be MAHABHARATH. Infact it should be made the Beginners guide for screenplay writing. Astonishing number of characters..each one defined with amazing clarity and holding their space amidst the bigwigs. You can single out any character, its bound to have a background and a story.I cant believe that the entire story could've been written by a single author. And no wonder the script "writer" is the Lord himself. Karan, Arjun, Krishna, Duriyodhan, Bheem, Bheeshmar...WOW...What an array of characters..with each one outshining the other in some aspects. Definitely RAJNEETHI is not the first attempt to picturise this epic in celluloid. But of all the attempts ever made, including the direct version, this one is surely right on top when it comes to adaptation. Kudos to the screenplay writer.If there is any award for best adapted screenplay, this year's should definitely go to that guy. And if there is an award for best Casting d

Review time :)

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils..intha varamum movie paaka theater went. Ticket as usual, ubayam G3 :D Nalla padama irunthalaye ozhiya ticket kaasu thara venaamnu avanga theermaanama solirukaangangaratha inga therivithu kolgiren :D Manirathnam padam. Athuvum Vikram in negative role. Ennathaan mokkaiya irunthalum oralavuku okva thaan irukumnu nambi ponathu thappadicihi. Intha padathaiyum Ramayanam storiyaiyum compare panna Ramar villalaye naalu saathu saathuvar. Ravanan title ku badila "Rishi - Roja part 2" apdinu vachirukalam. Adhula Rishiya kadathitu povanga terrorist. Ithula Rojava kadathitu poranga. Avlovay difference. Athula vara mathirye hanging bridgela climax. Aana the similarity ends right there. Rojala there was a strong base for each character. Here none of the characters have any depth or base. Vikramoda role too is so very confused. Throughout the movie he comes as the good guy who is wronged rather than a villain. There is no bloody reason as to wh

Cute day to remember :)

I've seen way too many birthdays to even pick a favourite :) Most of my birthdays are dull and drab. During schooldays it used to fall on the day the school reopens:( Pudu dressna athu school uniforma irukum. Ammavoda special samayal and sweets irukum. But no celebrations. Adhu apdiye pazhagi poyidichi. Collegela not much change :D athu padipsla odi poidichi. First first bday nu onnu celebrate pannathu was for my 25th :d the whole day went in a wooooosh. Lots of surprise gifts..gags..treats. Chaancela. Whole new feeling it was. An year later..on the same day i had my first international travel. 6 flights and the longest day of my life with sun simply refusing to set :D Adhukaprum memorable one na athu intha year thaan. This year was again another special one. Took my team for treat and anga icecream parlourla galattava poachu. Suddenly everyone sang the birthday song and that one nimit was sweeter than the vanilla icecream i was having :) They made an ordinary day into a very spe

Room poattu yosichings

Its amazing how much blurting out what you dont want to say, helps in firming up what you should've said correct in first place!!! I always had this belief that acceptance is THE most important recognition one can ever get. Surprisingly, the moment i heard myself saying this as a reason for something in a discussion, i realised how silly it sounded!!! Just because someone doesnt accept what you propose how does that change your approach towards that issue or even towards that person?? If it changes like that. is it really worth to pursue such an attitude? I learnt that the answer is no and its wrong to pursue such an approach. It gives a false sense of belief that if i expect to be accepted everytime, it actually means denying the other person their right to express their opinion!! Every one is entitled to their views and though it maynot be something which i want to hear or like, it has to be respected. Sounds so simple when i type..but really a hard thing to do. Idhellam en maati

Tag again :)

If I were a month... May. I've heard many peepals..kamplaining about May as its one of the unbearably hot months...But me the likes it :) If I were a day of the week.. kandippa thursday :) to me everything begins on thursday :) If I were a time of day... cool evening..wen u've so less time and so much to do..and somehow i've a notion that evenings are romantic..why? dont ask me..i've no clue :D If I were a season...Spring..bright colorful..cheery. If I were a planet.. I wouldnt want to be a planet..still..Jupiter..the big bully :) If I were a sea animal..hmmm....scary stuff. Still...hmmm...let me rephrase it as sea character...Poseidon would be the answer :) scary..calm..powerful..depressing..rejenuvating..a mix of everything :) If I were a direction...huh...i am directionless..i am dot. If I were a piece of furniture.. uhumm..stationary and me...tally aagatha matter :) If I were a liquid.. I would be hmm...juice :) If I were a tree.. I would prefer to be banyan :) If I

Random ramblings

"Ah..there goes the lights. As their brightness dims slowly..mine begins to glow. Now I own the 100 plus pairs of eyeballs for the next 3 hours. I am the center of attraction, literally and figuratively too. Its enthralling to see all these people cheer, laugh, cry and at times quite funny looking at their antics when they get bored. YES. I am the ULTIMATE enterta" "iner. Oops..sorry Power cut. Yeah. Its a minor irritant but i've learned to live with it. Over the years many things have evolved in my field. But i am the only constant in this ever changing field. I've brought name and fame and wealth to many a people. I am responsible to push people overnight into stardom. I've also resulted in many a doom for them too. I've seen many a superstar come and go and have outlasted everyone. Yet no one hardly mentions my role. Thankless people. From monochrome to multichrome i've seen it all..yet i remain spotless white. I am not bounded by any language. I s