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Movie watch

Mission impossible – Fallout Somehow, unlike any other franchise movie, I always manage to turn up for a MI release, on theater. The latest installment, MI 6 – Fallout, is very special for it’s the first and only movie that I’ve seen on IMAX, accompanied by the gang of usual suspects, at Forum Mall. The most ground breaking, earth shattering thing that happened even before the movie started was, I was the first one to make it to the venue!!!! Punctuality and me are two sides of two different coins. Probably the Ethan Hunt spirit (!!!) in me pushed myself to take up this impossible activity. Story wise its nothing new. There are some nuke warheads on loose and MI team has to disarm them and save the world. Stunt wise also its nothing new. Tom Cruise, seems to be on repeat mode when it comes to MI movies. He dangles from famous high rises, runaway planes, mountain tops on every single one of them. There would be an jaw dropping bike chase scene and whether his movies run or not, he wou

Life and times

At times junior makes a mockery of the proud parent in us. I have been through many such scenes when my over eager newly became parent friends, would show case their kids talent, making them say the alphabets or rhymes. At times it would annoy the kid and most of the times they would go silent and shy. I am one among those annoying parents club parading their kids talent with pride. But junior has his own way of getting out of such situations. Once while going on a walk,  was word coaching him as usual, telling him new words about those things that we saw on the way. When we came near a Sabha there were few people standing outside who were watching junior identify things near that place. There was a huge statue of goddess saraswati in all her splendor and junior immediately called out her name which drew the attention of that group. Needless to say I was beaming with pride. I pointed to her hand and asked him what was she holding. He named it as book and chain much to my own am

Chumma oru try - 6

Previously சகுந்தலை- காமம் ஈன்ற குழந்தை அவள் வாழ்விலோ பல விந்தை விஸ்வாமித்திரன் அவள் தந்தை ஆனால் அப்பிள்ளையின் மேல் இல்லை அவன் சிந்தை மேனகை அவள் அன்னை தன் சேய் மறந்து அடைந்தாள் விண்ணை உறவுகள் மறந்த உத்தம உள்ளம் செவ்வனே வளர்ந்தாள் கன்வரின் இல்லம் காலம் வரைந்த அற்புத கோலம் அவள் அழகை போல் முன் கண்டதில்லை இஞ்ஞாலம் மானும் மயிலும் மரமும் மண்ணும் பூவும் வண்டும் புல்லும் செடியும் போற்றி வளர்த்த பெண்டு அவள் பெருமை கூற வார்த்தை தேடியது நிகண்டு எதிர்பார்த்து நிகழ்ந்து இறந்து சுழன்றது காலம் ஒரு நாள் – நிசப்தம் நிரவி நிதம் நித்திரையில் இருக்கும் அவ் வனம் முரசு கொட்டும் சத்தத்தில் முழித்து எழுந்தது அவ்வொலியின் அதிர்வில் பூக்கள் பல உதிர்ந்தது வேட்டை ஆரம்பம் என மிருகங்கள் உணர்ந்தன உயிர் பிழைக்க மறைவிடம் நோக்கி விரைந்தன அலைபாயும் மனதை விட வேகமாய் விரைந்து வந்த தேரில் வலைந்த வில்லும் வலையாத நோக்குமாய் குறிபார்த்து அம்பு எரிந்தான் நந்தன் அவனே துஷ்யந்தன் சூறாவலியாய்  சுழலும் தேரில் சுற்றி வந்தோர் வழி மறைய தன்னன்தனியே தொடர்ந்தான் வேட்டையை காலம்

As i see IT - 1

Few years back, I had pondered in a post, on how my batch had never seen anyone retiring from IT and would probably be the first to witness it. The reason being, even a decade back, there was so much of chopping and churning happening, with companies big time into consolidation mode and new software were blooming in every single day. To put it in context, the software that was hot cake in the market, which was the product of my very first project, became obsolete within an year, to such an extent that, those developers almost became redundant, with their skillset amounting to nothing. Technically, It didn’t entirely go waste as the coding skills got remapped to another product but they did have to put in effort to learn the semantics and syntax. Those who were senior managers at that time, had worked on Pascal and Cobol and punch card related systems that were long obsolete. I often used to wonder, would the managers be continuously learning new products, for a) their skill set were lo

Life of a song

I’ve long been wondering about the, choice of songs on super singer competitions, that are being conducted across any TV channel worth its salt. Season after season, be it junior, senior or super senior category, any contestant who participates, never ever chooses any song that are recent and even possible chartbusters. Only logical reason could be the proprietary rights issue. Else, not sure whether it’s a rule or choice, but invariably, majority of the contestants stick to songs that are from movies which are minimum 50 years old. Across all channels, when it comes to season finale, the contestants while choosing songs that exhibits their skill, always chooses song from either MS Visvanathan or KV Mahadevan. Very rarely do we get to witness even an Ilayaraja musical winning the title and till now I’vent seen an ARR song rendition winning one. The reasons could be multifold. Probably those songs are avoided because of the orchestra limitations, rights issue, due to scoring suggestio