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Akkarai cheemaiyile

Aaagayathil boogambam... Arputhangal aarambam.... With that "Sayonora" song, from Ninaithaaley Inikkum, on my lips i boarded my first International flight. Onsite chance news ketta udaneye naan parakka aarambichiten...Manasila. First time flight journey...evlo dreams...i stay next to airport..after i sent my passport to travel desk for visa processing...whenever i saw a flight taking off..i was wondering which one wud be mine.. :)..the day finally came..with lots of confusions and last min hiccups i finally got go ahead for the trip and managed to board the flight.kudukara deivam kooraiya pichikitu kudukumnu solrathu very true...till that time i never boarded an intl flight...but for this trip alone i had to take 9 flights up and down...first flight frm blr to mum was scary as i was awaiting my passport at mum intl airport..sec one frm mum to delhi was relaxed and it was evening. so cudnt see much..delhi to vienna was thrilling...lots n lots of kids with their parents were go

The lil' black mark

Upon my left index finger..sits proudly..a lill black mark. Black marks are something which people generally hides. But this is one mark i would show off with pride. Its one mark which everyone should be proud to own. Its the prize for exercising your civic duty. Yes. Its the indelible ink mark for casting your vote. I hated CIVICS as a subject in school. I never liked those boooooring dragging never ending paragraphs of information, which i now feel were very very critical and useful. Usually History classes are known for the lullaby effect they produce and civics classes are the mother of all lullabies. Keeping the eyes open itself would be a Herculean task. Listening would be next to impossible. I used to wonder why the hell i should know the average age to be elected president of zilla parishad. But when i went to the booth to cast my vote, when my name was called and when i pressed the button against "my candidate's name felt a thrill running through me which was hard to

From Infy, with Love

Though predominantly a managements view, this one makes interesting reading and is quite practical...let me know ur views on this... Narayana Murthy's views on staying late in the office : It's half past 8 in the office but the lights are still on...PCs still running,coffee machines still buzzing...and who's at work?Most of them??? Take a closer look...All or most specimens are 20-something male species of the human race...Look closer... again all or most of them are bachelors... and why are they sitting late? Working hard? No way!!!Any guesses???Let's ask one of them...Here's what he says... "What's there 2 do after going home... here we getto surf, AC, phone, food, coffee.. thats is why I am working late... importantly no bossssssss!!!!!!!!!!! This is the scene in most research centers and software companies and otheroff-shore offices.Bachelors "time-passing" during late hours in the office just bcoz they say they've nothing else to do...Now

Chinna Chinna Thooral enna...

Yippeee...rainy season is back... oor muzhukka pachhai color paint adicha mathiri.. ella maramum..fresha head bath edutha santhoshathila kaathila thala thuvatindu...jammnu iruku...roadla kidakara kuppa kooda azhaga iruku...oor muzhukka ac poatta mathiri chillnu iruku...ithana naala koluthina suriyan...election soodu thaangama verthu kotitaar pola :)...result..mazhai in mid may... "Koadai mazhaiyena medaiyil muzhanginaar"nulaam paperla padichiruken..but nejamavay koadai mazhaina epdi irukumnu nethu thaan paathen..."Twister" setukkula iruntha effect....seriousness puriyama naama nature kooda vilaadramoanu thonuthu...the force with which the asbestos sheet of a garage flew for such a slightly forceful breeze scared the hell out of me...but enna thaan intha mathiri sila vishayams look at the rain drops falling one after another...mmmmmm.........amazing feeling...anubavicha thaan puriyuma pola...guess rain n love are linked...thts y may be people &

Rayil Sneham

Before starting any further..i am not game for these hopelessly-neverending-immoral daily serials which are on air nowadays. This post is on the gud old days when DD used to churn up one gud serial after another, which people wished never got over. There were lot many quality comedy serials. Flight 172 (no. not sure..correct me if wrong) by mouli was a standout piece. I remember my friends mom had a cassette of all episodes recorded in their VCR. "Rayil sneham" was a masterclass of its own. But guess it paved the way for the (im)moral brigade to have their current sway over the masses with their many-to-many combinations on realtions. When RS was relayed it caused quite a stir. It was the brain child of KB (who incidentally happened to be the only one in those times with these "weird" now-so-common theme of adultery). All those serials had amazing title songs. Wonderfully written and melodiously composed. So very meaningful and in sync with the serials. Well now com

May day..May day...

To start with....the title is not an exhilerated appeal over May 1...nor is it a SOS call for rescue...veetla ukkanthu Suntv la "Suthanthiram" "Kaadhal sadu gudu" paathu pora kaalthuku puniyam thedikarathuku badila GL uku file poacha...Singaporevaasigaluku salary credit aachaanu..leave naalla..vettiya office vara..sila pala..waste fellows 'n' fellis (pen paal for fellows...hehehe) kaaga intha blog..... Kappaleri poyachu..suthamaana ooarachu..kannammanu "Indian"la paaditu...Flight pudichu vantha vellakaarana gavanikaama vitathoda palan...diwali aniki dbl shift...Seeing the JOSH with which people njoy July 4th, it has been offically proclaimed as independence day( from work)...leave kudukara kadavuloda madham maarum makkal yennikai naaluku naal adigamadichi.....forceless conversions... is LKA listening ;)....leave naalla office varathila sila nallavishayamum irukka thaan nyabgam illatha..number theriyatha "friends"(?) ellaru