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Her every fear – book review

First thing that strikes about the story is the characterization. Infact, this is one notable aspect across all three of Peter Swanson’s novels. You will have the lingering effect of the character long after the chapters end. Every single one of them, right from the very beginning, are a specimen of their own. From the 3 novels I’ve read, he doesn’t discriminate heroism as male dominion and is generous in spacing out the roles of both the ladies and gents. Infact, it’s the lady characters who drive the show from start, with the males filling out the support cast. Her every fear, has its soul on the lady character around whom the entire story unravels. Starting with the titular lady character, who, as per the title itself, is like Thenali kamal, with her endless list of phobias. The interesting aspect about her profile is that, rather than deliberating on the fear, it’s the fix or the solution provided by the therapist and how she repeats those confidence building sentences to herself

Instrumental instructions

What does the music instruments teach office goers, especially IT guys – 1)      Flute – sagala holesaiyum opena vachalum..mooda vendiatha moodina thaan music varum. Plugging all shut and leaving all open makes one a bamboo with holes and nothing much. 2)      Guitar – you need to pull some strings to get the right output. Knowing which string to pull and how will help you strike the right chord 3)      Gadam – probably the closest to resemble an onsite resource. Nimithi poata thanni kudama use aganum..kavuthu poattu saaathinalum satham musica varanum. Versatality makes one never go”dumb” 4)      Tabla – offshore resource equivalent. Offshore lead kitayum adi vanganum. Onsite kitayum adi vanganum. Rendu adiyum correcta reflect panna than music. Ilaati noise thaan. 5)      Sax – sometimes people may push your buttons, but remember music is nothing but noise well tamed 6)      Trumpet- Equivalent of  self appraisal, which even though being the loudest, often considered as un

The girl with a clock for a heart – book review

I had received 3 books of Peter Swanson and started with the “Kind worth killing”. I couldn’t bring myself to complete the book in one sitting for it was way too dark. But the moment I stepped into the zone of the second part of the book, it all went in supersonic speed to a finish. With so many twists and turns, that story would’ve made a rollercoaster proud. Egged on by that belief decided to try his other books and started off with the one titled in the most distinctive manner of any book I had ever read – Girl with a  clock for a heart. As usual, I spied for some reviews about the book before starting and most of the reviewers had mentioned a striking similarity with “Gone girl” novel but praised this one to be several notches better. Compared to the first book, this being somewhat smaller, I decided to go for it. The prologue, itself gave quite a heads up that, this author uses murder as icebreaker premise!! The story revolves around the titular “girl” who goes by as many names

Kind worth killing – book review

Kind worth killing – review Wow!!This author is interesting. If this is the feeling you get after reading the first part (review for which is here ),the second portion would leave you like “OMG!! This author is insane!!!” Though the plot and scenes are a repeat from first part, the twist in the ending is a literal punch to the gut. At hindsight, one should’ve seen it coming. But with the level of deliberation the author takes us through, with the entire story moving in point-of-view approach, with each character narrating the story per chapter, the entire script is mind bogglingly real and natural. The first part, begins with the lady character, Lily, who attempts to aid Ted murder his adulterous wife, ends in Ted getting killed by the guy having affair with Ted’s wife. The second part is all about how Lily, the adulterous wife and her boyfriend, their equations and stories criss-crossing the ongoing police investigation of Ted’s murder and finally how it culminates in the ultimate t

Bahubali 2 - Review

For long I’ve wondered how come Westerners, with hardly any history, make such EPIC scale movies, while we, with such a treasure house of stories never meet them even half way. Even China with its long history and culture suffers from same mishap. But for crouching tiger, which may in all probability been a recognition of a nation on the move to powerdom, they hardly have anything major to show off at a global scale. Maybe their movies, which are translated and played on regional channels, does have the grandeur. But do they’ve world-wide connect is a serious question. A Spiderman or a Superman relates to everyone. But a Raja Raja chola or anyone from the mighty Ming dynasty may not have that global connect. Where the westerners ace is that they can sell a “Troy” or a “Wild West” story to worldwide audience and still make money. Not just that, we end up aping their costumes and create flop movies, which neither have the connect, nor the concept correct. Just for this singular aspect of