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Bigil movie review

With a name like Bigil, what else can you expect from a movie, which at trailer release itself, made it amply clear of its intentions. The movie gives fan made videos a run for their production money and is a three hour long record of hero worship. Vijay dons dual role of dad and son and has two mass hero entry, one each per character. There are so many scenes cramped into the running time that, right from initial name reels till end name reels its one scene after another. Wonder if anyone would’ve left the theater had they included blooper reels and making videos, which I believe would be one and the same. The plight of women’s football could actually be worse in reality, but the movie makes literal mockery of the procedures and practices. As expected, the core theme of the movie, which is supposedly women’s football and about the challenges faced by women players, it obviously takes a back seat and with Vijay’s adulation occupying 3/4th of the running time, it is a miracle that even

Open graves

With the dust settling down on the poor kid’s grave, all opportunistic knives are now out of their shameless sheaths. Why the hell a minister whose entire department is on strike, is camped at a site which is outside of his jurisdiction? Why the NDRF wasn’t brought in earlier? So many whining why’s and not a single person is willing to chide the parents for their apathy or the person who dug the damn borewell in first place of callousness in covering it up. Some are even suggesting to have better drillers and diggers for future rescue ops and are already suggesting technology upgrades. While some cynics have started comparing India’s space program and its futility while people on ground are suffering without proper rescue machines!! Adaigala..adangavay maateengala. Edhula than politics panrathu nu ilia. Unga aadhayam thedra ennathula theeye vaikka. A banner death resulted in ban on banners, albeit temporarily. Hope this poor kid, wakes up the slumbering government machinery in identify

Of songs and Situations - 2

“Kanmani..anbodu..kadhalan..naan” Just these starting lines, in the nasal voice of kamal are enough to trigger the entire song. What an awesome composition by IR and amazing lyrics by the evergreen vaali !! Such is the magic of the song that, even after 3 decades, some of the catch phrases from the song have become regular every day dialogues, like, including “maaney theney” for fillers and the best of all being “manidhar unarndhu kolla” which is used to describe anything that is unmatchable in feel – parody or otherwise. Everything about that song oozes with uniqueness and wow. The location, which was till then known as devils kitchen, became renamed as “guna caves”. And such was the craze to visit those 500 plus feet deep cave that, the government actually had to ban tourists from flocking those dangerous locations. Wonder, how in the world, they moved camera and crew, in and out of that place!! Kudos to the technical team. Guess the song algorithm, that picked this song, must’ve m