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True lies :)

Dear friends, I wanna share with you a thing ,which i doesn't know anything about. On feb 31th morning ,when the moon was shining bright Two deadmen were fighting with each other. They stood back to back facing each other. Suddenly they took their swords and shot each other. I knew you won't believe me ,ask the blind man . He too saw it. P.S: Kwaater adicha epect varutha :D aapy weekend.

Sindhanai sei manamay ;)

Window seat pudika vegama vanthu oaramaa iruntha tablea kercheif poatu edam pudikarar Mr. X...Paakarathuku Africavasi mathiri irunthalum table etiquettesla nammaal Aangileyan. Gils: "Ena Mr.X madila thuni poatukitu thaan sapduveengala" " silly kostin u the asking..u no know why i put thundu on my madi while eating?" Gils: "Echuseme..ippo enna bashaila pesineenga?" "English u the no?..oh poor man..i tamil tell..sindhikaama irukanumtu thaan man thundu poatukitu iruken" Gils: "Neenga sindhikarathu kedaiathunu thaan olgathukay theriyumay...sindhikalaina thaan thunda poatukanum..athuvum thalaila..neenga en thodaila poatukitu irukeenga...moolai enna muttilaya iruku" "enna man solra..puriara mathiri enikumay pesa matia" Gils: "purianumna sinthikanum.." Silenta oru look vitar mr.X Gils: :"saapdarachay enna sinthanai...sinthama sapdunga...sinthikara velaya saaptaprum pathukalam" "pasi podichi..

SMILE - For a cause

Makkalay.. Let me take the pleasure of introducing..namba fellow blogger (yet-to-be-listed-in-our-union) pugazh Nandoo (surukkama anathakrishnan nithyanandan...'a' kum 'n' kum nadula erumbu oorara mathiri ungaluku intha per therinja athku nan porupila).. I always suspected that many of our gud samaritan blog makkal silenta neria matter senjukitu..velila solama is one such person in "hiding" all these days..SMILE nu oru NGO (govt registerd) naalu varushama nadathikitu varar. Atha pathi neria information namma kuda share pannika virupapadarar..ipothaiku oru test blogsite for that org matum than iruku..further details awaited from Nandu. I just took this oppertunity to give an intro for nandoo to share his thoughts and info abt SMILE to us watch out for this space folks :) more to follow

King of poets

Intha post romba simple..naan ezthuratathuku onumay ila..just chk the link given below.. - Interesting Snippets pakkam pakkama pesirukanga. All about my alltime fav. poet kannadasan. Ivar paatu pudikama oruthar iruka mudiyuma? Naama panna puniyam ivar namma oorula tamizh naatula piranthathu..athuvay avar senja pavam. USlayo Europelayo ivar poranthiruntha...irukara ella major awards for literature ivar kaaladila kedanthirukum. This mans life is something which is worth a look. He has done everything..those which should be and also those which shouldnt be. He has experimented with everything in his life. Ivaroda life storya padicha romba intrestinga Sidney sheldon novel mathiri irukum. Enaku therinju sanga kaala padalgalai ivara vida easya simpla makkaluku puriara mathiri eduthu solirukarthu yarumay kedayathu. Thiruvilayadal thodangi ivar lyrics ezhuthina neria paatu saami paatunu neanchu..ithelam en kovila pada maatengaranganu schoo


This is one serial i cant live without. Thania oru theevila vitu..enalam eduthutu polamnu list poda sonna FRIENDS DVD all ten seasons kandipa irukum.. LOVE them simply. Erkanavay oru episodela introlam poatutathala..intha thaba directa kathaikullara going. Episode one padikka..inga clickunga Click "EMERGENCY!!MAKE WAY..MAKE WAY...Man dying..." shouts Joey as he rushes into Monica's apartment. "Whoa..what happened...who's dying?..." enquires Phobe muttering under her breath.." broken nail claims a victim again.." [ Phoebe has a strong belief that whenever her nail breaks by itself someone will die] "me" replies Joey.. "i am dying from thirst..." After rummaging through the fridge.."hey mon..where are the beers...i dont find any in here.." "Its ur turn to fill itup dude..remember ur promise after u guzzled up our months stock over a yankees game.." came a tart reply with a killer look from Monica. J

Nalla kekaraangayya kelvi...

Sila kelvigalellam..kalvettula poricihi vaichi sarithirathula edam pera vendiyavai..especially those asked by toddlers. Eppa saami...intha kalathau kuttipissasus kekara kostinelaam paatha...!!! mudiyala...paduthuraangaaiyaa....Following scene is something which happens so very frequently at my cousins place. Here is one sample. Aadhi. En cousinoda 2.5 year old terror...pora koraiku..he is one of the twin..ivanoda birather..ivana vida peria criminal..elder by few minutes..avan panra settaigalalam paatha....hmm..onum periamma is always the first to defend these lovable little rascals... "dei...un paiyan una mathiri irupanonu bayanthu kitrunthen..paravalada..." my cousin : "ena paravala" "chinna vayasula nee epdi irunthio..atha mathiri irupanonu nenachen..una vida kediya irukan...padu padu..naan petra imsai neeyum peruga" My cousin manasukkul( ithu ipo romba mukiyamakum).. Aponu paathu bali ka bakra (aka) gils the enter. En cousin moonji

I do..I do..I part

"No..." I stood in shock. "NO!!!" I grabbed the paddles and continuously shocked his body. His body bounced up and down from the shocks. The scared nurses went to find another doctor, to tell him that I was crazy. I didn't know if I was crazy or not. I just wanted to save my lover. Even though we fought all the time. Even though he never showed me his love. I still wanted to save him. He still owed me a card. He couldn't die! I threw away the paddles and began to press on his heart. I pressed with all my strength, hoping it would revive him, but he didn't wake up. He didn't even say "It hurts". He just laid there with his eyes closed, punishing me with his silence. Dr. Khan angrily pushed me away. By that time, I couldn't see clearly anymore. I cried. I wailed. I bowled until no sounds could come out of my mouth. "It's too late, Dr. Uma. He's already dead. I'm sorry." Dr. Khan patted me on the shoulder. They knew e

I do..I do..I do..part-2

Staring at the empty in-box, I began to reminisce about how we met. Maybe no one will believe me, but my boyfriend and I were actually neighbors. Our homes were only 1 wall away. Ever since we were kids, we liked to fight with each other all day long. I still remember when I moved to the country that year. Used to the city life, I couldn't get used to the simple life in the country. After school, I would just go home and do nothing. Whenever that happened, he would always come over to tease me. "Why are you staring off into space??" He loved to pull on my hair. "You're so ugly when you're doing nothing. But you're also not pretty when you smile." In other words, I'm really ugly. "You're the one who's ugly!" I pull back my hair. "If you think I'm so ugly, why do you visit me??" "Can't help it. My home is right next to your home." He argued. "Then I'll move!" The next day, I drew a line in

I do..I do..I do..part-1

P.S: Mega vetti time being..kita thatta oru varshama padikama unreada iruntha fwd mail ithu...iniki than padichen..mushy romantic plot..atha konjam thoosi thatti..otatada adichi..paint panni post paniruken...manasukkul mathaapu post engleesla vanthiruchonu doubtatheenga...u r still @ gils :) now to the istoooree.. It's a cold February night. People are bustling through the streets, either pulling up their coat collars or wrapping scarves around their necks, trying to stay warm. It's so cold today.I'm standing at my window, looking at the people moving like little dots. Standing in a heated room, I'm beginning to pity those people. Why don't they go home? Do they plan on wandering until morning? "Almost time to go home! My boyfriend must be going crazy." One of the nurses breathe a sign of relief. "Still needs to work overtime on Valentine's Day. It's so unfair!" "You are fortunate." Another nurse says. "Some people don'

Pazhaiya vaanam...Pazhagiya boomi

After a gap of 5.5 the back. vaazhkai oru vattamgarthu evlo unmaiyana statement..nenaichalay surprisa iruku!! I started my career at an office, a km from where i am working now. The current client is an offshoot division of the one i used to work when i was a fresher. Ennoda previous company manager nameum current one nameum same. My first team size and the current one is same. Enamo en official life fulla rewind aana mathiri iruku. I wish it stops at that. Hope things get better from now on. OK..matteruku varuvom..As usual i missed all the marriages which happned in the blog world. Guess with my track record the ones coming up will also be missed. So belated wishes to Heidi and Ushi veda...wish u a wonderful married life and advance wishes to billoo Bharani and Saga Arun.

Hi..I am back

Saritharathoda pakkangala porati paatha...athu namakku sollitharathu onnay onnu thaan...Like all good times this too shall pass. Sandhoshamo..dhukkamo..kondadra varaikum irunthukitu thaan irukkum. After a point of time we have to come out of it. No other go. I am not sure how long its going to take for me to come out of the loss of my dad. May be soon or may not be at all. But onnu mattum nalla puriyuthu. End of the day what matters is your family. Nothing else matters. Will catch you all with some mokkai post soon. Thanks for all your support. Take care.