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Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) - 8

Ram,Anil and Priya chatting in a coffee shop. "So you're REALLY serious about this time ?" asked Priya "Not serious but veering around to it....I must be the first guy who said YES on grounds of sheer boredom" said Anil. "Naasamaa poachu..bore adikuthunu ponnu paaka povangala!! enna koduma ithu" said Ram. "seri..Anil evlo readya irukkanu oru test vachu paakalamaa?" asked Priya "Q&A ?? you gotta be kidding !!" said Anil "Take it like a game..." "Priya..avan ponnu paaka porathaiye velayatta thaan eduthukaran..ithulaam onumay ila avanuku" Scene 1 Take 1 Priya posing as prospective bride: pannirukkia? Anil: Yeah..once... Priya (shocking tone): Ipdia reply pannuva????? Anil: Complete honesty is the foundation of every relationship. (A long silence from Priya with Ram laughing in background) Scene 1 Take 2 Priya posing as prospective bride: pannirukkia? Anil: HAHAHAHAH

Tricklin thoughts

Ever since the trip got finalised, mind has been playing lot of tricks on me and has been working more than over time to throw up ever so many list of questions. There is always this person inside who is cribbing and questioning and crying foul over everything in life and the other silent one who rarely speaks up when required and is never absent for the "i-told-you-so" moments. Off late the latter guy is talking more and more..trying to justify decisions taken on the fly. Throughout my life, i had never planned for anything and had taken things as they come for one, nothing works if planned for me and secondly, i always like the spontaneity that life offers. Good or bad, we have our life time to figure out. Memory is a wicked thing. Like a naughty child who suddenly pulls a prank on you, more often than not, memory too acts like that, hitting you with a wave so hard and unexpected that it catches you off balance. The trigger point for which could be anywhere and anything.

Thottathu thulangum..Vachathu velangum varusham

A continuous loosing streak - it has been the trend ever since this year started. It all began with the table tennis tournament. Athepdi thedi pudichi enakkunu maatuthu therila..i was paired against last year's winner on the very first round itself. The moment he saw me, his reaction was like a wolf slurping at the sight of lamb. He played with utmost leisure and literally walked through me. Seri..etho mudinja varaikum fight panna try pannomnu naanum vituten. Then it was the carrom tourney. First round, first strike. Hands were shaking as if there was an earthquake running inside me. Managed to clear it and in second round was one strike away from winning when my last coin, red and follow, both fell into the pocket along with the striker. And as per the rules the opponent won :( Onnu oru coinum vizhaathu ilaati mothama ipdi athanaiyum uzhuthaynu pheelingsoda came out.  Quizla innum kodumai. I mixed up Pandit Jasraj and Bhim sen joshi and lost in prelims. Toastmastersla had an divi

Konjum Salangai

"Amma..naan schooluku poren" shouted Priya rushing out of the house. "Ding Dong..Ding Dong" "Kaalangaathaala yaaru ithu calling bell adichikittu" nu pulambiavaaray came Anu, Priya's mother and opened the door. "Vanakkam. Naanga "Anbu Illam" orphanagelenthu varom. Unga veetla school pasanga padikkara mathiri used books ethaachum iruntha donate panna mudiyuma. Enga kozhanthaigalukku usefulla irukum" Anu looked back at her husband who was looking blankly into the newspaper. "Kudukattuma?" "mmmm" said Anil. "Ellathaiyuma?" She only got a sickening silence for response. Priya came home back calling out loud  in her sing song voice..."Ammmmaaaaaaa....pasikuthu" Anu was talking to her maid.."Aiya vantha coffee poattu kuduthuru..naan kovilukku kelambaren" "Amma..." stood the maid, scratching her head "Enna" "onnu ketta thappa nenachukka maateengalay&


This week on 'Weekend Movie Watch'..its Ambuli - the latest tamil 3D movie. Latest is hardly a word to describe the movie. Technically, its been the best ever 3D movie i've ever seen. Much much better than many Hollywood productions. Felt so nice to see such a new genre being tried in tamil and touch should succeed. Horror cum Thriller variety are a rarity in tamil and them becoming hits are even rare occurances. I dont remember the last successful horror/thriller movie in tamil. "Eeram" might have fitted the bill. But it was more of a murder mystery than horror. This is where Ambuli scores in abundance over its peers. The very first scene in the movie, where a White man is seen wiping his double barrel gun, with the gun popping just in front of your eye lids..WOW. It was more of a wake up call for what was to follow. There was another scene in which a growling German Sheperd pounces on the screen and i was literally shaking for second. Dogs and me ..u