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Reading between the lines.. Literally

Happened to stumble upon this book called “Sapiens”. It was always on my eyeline and the fact that most of my friends have read that book was added incentive that I may like it. So finally decided to give it a try and started reading it. Within matter of ten minutes I finished 20 pages. Statistically that is the fastest I’ve ever read a book in recent times @ 2 pages per minute!!! The initial impression of the book is quite good and I really like the way the evolution and different species of humans are being referenced. The topic that triggered by these twenty something pages were quite different though. There was a recent conversation on including LGBTQ categorizations into the system to make provisions for registering their individuality. I felt very happy that as a thought process it felt very noble and encouraging and was a laudable effort in the making. There were certain sections on that book that made me realize, despite several thousand years of evolution, our thought process

Just junior things

We were play acting some scenes last week under junior’s direction. He would ask us to close our eyes and when we open, he would reveal which character we need to enact. “Dei your eyes” “yes?” “nee thaan raavan” “ok” “amma..nee Lakshman..naa thaan ram..paati vanthu hanuman” “ok” He started mimicking battle sequence with imaginary bow and arrow being fired from his arms. Being Raavan, I was “stuck” by his index finger arrow and was supposed to fall dead. “Aioo appa..unakku sariavay panna therila..all of you close your eyes” We all did. “Open your eyes..ippo amma Lakshman..naan raavan..appa Ram” Again the battle started and this time he got “hit”. He rolled eyes up and down, clutched his tummy, turned around twice and carefully fell on the sofa. “Ipdi than vizhanum” I never realized how far my jaw had dropped “Dei ..idhu ulaga nadipuda saami!!!!” Night time, wifey sleeps early as she has to get up along with the sun. Me and junior, usually are out our boisterous

Family man - web series

Started watching “Family Man” Amazon series, after seeing so many recommendations. Manoj Bajpai, whose nose seems to get more crooked with every episode in that series and more so with every single cigarette he smokes throughout, is the lead player – The family man. Surprisingly, no one else in the support cast is shown to have any family!!!! Priyamani of Paruthiveeran fame, plays his spouse and also as a mother of 2 kids. There is a deliberate attempt to involve South Indian stars to give a Pan Indian appeal to the cast and it does work to some extent. The very first episode shows how Manoj has his hands tied in a situation, where in he had to act responsibly in front of his kids, while his professional avatar is a 360 degree different case. He enters into a dilapidated typical Mumbai housing board building, gets into an out of order elevator and reaches a floor which is right out of Men In Black series, with top notch gadgets. At times make one wonder, if our government departments r

Mandatory year end post

For a person who hates changes being forced on him, I would probably have opted for more changes of my own. Most of the time, the options that I choose, from the situations or positions that I am in, many people wouldn’t even have wanted to check out for such options, considering the comfort level and settled nature established already. From what I am aware about myself, I am not that of a daredevil nature as well, opting to rebel and be a traveler. Somehow, at some point, something snaps and mind gets flagged to make a move. When or what that trigger is I’ve been never able to convincingly locate. But for all practical purpose, I would be ending this year with another change, self-invited. But this one, looks interesting and probably quite different from whatever I’ve undertaken so far. No one knows what and all I am supposed to do including myself and no one is sure what i am definitely supposed to do as well. But that had given me an option to pick and choose what I want to do and h