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Who am i

It was just another End-of-the-project party. It did begin as one and would've ended on the same vein too. "If any event happens incident free then something is seriously wrong" apdingara Eddie Murphy law voda prime example being Gils..such things are bound to happen. Being a total teayer (teetotaler in other words) my favourite haunt in any party would be either near the 'dessert'ed corner or the ice cream zone. This one was no exception. I was debating whether to have the gulab jamuns with icecream or without when i heard a voice sweeter than the Jamuns and chiller than the icecream. "Excuseme..can i have a scoop of vanilla please" "err...what?" "oh..hmmm..enaku oru scoop ice cream please" Manasukkul "adipaavi..english teriathunu nenachirupaalo" "oh sure..which flavour you currant" "huh..inga vanilla flavour mattum thaana iruku?" "oh...heehee..yeah..hmmm...athaan soll

Crazy Buggers

A half baked attempt..mimicking crazy mohan's most cherished characters. Hope to convert it into a complete episode. Ipothaiku first installment mattum :) "Thala vali Porukka mudilada..." endru polambiavaaray vanthaan Cheenu. "Intha Ajithuku vera velaiye oatren bike oatrennu engayachum uzhunthu vaari adi patukka vendiyathu...intha thadava enna vali??" endru ketaan Maadhu. "ennada solra???" "Nee thala Ajitha pathi thaana sonna?" "Adai veena ponavanay naan en thala vali porukka mudila sonnenda" "ohh..athenna keezha kottina chillaraya? ethuku porukitruka?" "Aio raama..intha kazhishada pasangalodalaam enna en sera udra?" Enters Ramanujam. "Enna yaaru kooptukitu iruntha inga?" "Ennamo Ram ngara pera pattaa vaangi vachirukara mathiri pesareenga. Naan Lord Rama koopten" "Enga veetla intha mathiri perla vara sikkal thaangama thaan inga odi vanten" "En ennachu?" "Unga

Haiooo haiooooo

Lifela bulb vaangalaam..aana bulb vaangarathay lifea iruntha...ithelaam sagajam thaaana. Chronologically from the latest: Bulb 1 Few days back my sis had came home for dinner and since mom was busy cooking she asked me to serve food. Ok..ok...samaikka thaanga theriyathu..sapdrathukum serve panrathukum oralavuku terium. Atleast thats what my sis also wud've thought while agreeing to allow me to serve i guess. She is very fond of paruppu podi and always complains that we dont make it enough spicy for her taste..for, urs truly, being a sweet guy :), has bit of an aversion to anything over the acceptable spiciness limit. This time mom had promised that the powder wud be to her taste. She told me its in an yellow dabba on the table. (Note this line twice. You have to revisit it in few seconds) I followed it to the letter T. Sis was happy that it was as spicy and infact bit more for her own taste and praised mom that it tasted better than the one she had bought at Ambika Appalam. When m

Meet the parents - 2

Gils: "Amma..ennama ithana neramaa coffee sooda iruku. Aaravay maatenguthu" Mom: "Athu "SUN" rise coffeeda..lesula aarathu" Gils: avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv....

Meet the parents - 1

"Hey Gils..can u take care of this task for me. Got a personal work..So i am taking off for the day" "what happened boss..why are u looking so tensed?" "Got a call from my son's school. His principal wants to meet me" " why are YOU tensed. Should be your kid who should be doing ur role" "You dunno their school..they are very strict. And my kid..i am sure he wud've flunked every exam. I doubt whether he wud've written anything in the exam" "It comes with the genes sire. Like Father Like Son ilaya" "vilayadatha gils..i am really worried" After lot of Pep talk and mokkai puttings..the anxious dad went to school. I asked another colleague which school that kid was studying. The reply was "ABC Primary School". First i thought i heard it wrong and then asked which class was the kid to confirm it. He replied LKG. I was like !!!@#@#@$#$%#%$. All this fuss for an LKG kid. Was about to cal

Vetri ettu thikkum ena kottu murasay

Exhilarating..Joy..Pride..Passion..Victory..ATLAST..Tears..Grit..Sadness..TENSION..Talent..Luck..Decisive..Gamble..Hiccough..Scare..Fairytale..Ultimate..GOD..Craziness..Wild..Celebration..and last but not the least..POONAM PANDEY :)) Anga anga maaney thene ponmaanay potukiteenganna..Indian Worldcup victorya celebrate panra post ready :) In the age of instant recipes and instant noodles..instant postum irukanumla :) When Dhoni won the test series against Australia in what was Ganguly's last match as a test player, he asked Dada's to set the field for a short while. Ajay Jadeja who was in the commentary team proclaimed Dhoni as the Obama of Indian cricket, for his cleverness and maybe shades of wiliness with which he earned some brownie points. Even Ganguly was taken aback as he had claimed in previous series that Dhoni was against his inclusion in one dayers. Now the same man..whose leadership skills has been nothing short of a MBA syllabus.. has won India its second world cup t