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Ironman 3

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha Gils, went movie watching again this weekend. This is that time of the year when superheroes throng the Hollywood story stables. And Marvel comics has been the leading the way for the past decade. Its the third and (Spoiler alert) probably the last instalment of Ironman. Certain people are made for certain roles or is it the other way round, we would never know. Like Munnabhai for Sanjay dutt, Krissh for Hrithik, Dhoom for Abishek its Ironman for Robert Downey Junior. I know...kanraavi comparison...just to drive home the point :) I am sure the scriptwriters would've wracked their minds to make Tony Starc as close to the original comic character in the first instalment and after seeing RDJ rock the screen they wud've changed tack and made Ironman as close to RDJ's wacko personality in the next two instalments. Such is the man's onscreen persona that, he makes Tony Starc the most charismatic, macho, egoistic and megalomaniac of al


"Yaam arintha mozhigalilay" nu dhilla solla Bharathiyar mathiri i dunno that many languages. But of the three that i knew, i love Tamil. Its THE best language and most structured one i've ever learnt. It does have a few alphabets missing :) but it sure makes up for it with its rich literature. If at all i could ever fall in love with any other language, a close second would be Telugu. Its one language i abuse the most :) all in jest though. Being a language moron, i find it tough to understand the nuances of other languages. But somehow, even without knowing the meaning, i find it easier to follow telugu. It has a sweetness and cuteness to it that is almost palpable in most of the telugu movies. Especially the ones by Sekar Kammula. All his movies have standard set of strengths and similar weaknesses. Strengths being, Music - almost all the songs will be blockbusters and the melody tracks would linger long after the movie finishes, Female leads - there would be an earthy

Chinna kannan has grown :)

Few years back I had mentioned about one sweet lil devil..infact two of cousin's kids. It was about their "criminal" escapades. Whenever I meet them, they are at various sizes and shapes, literally and figuratively. I first saw them on the day of their birth. Tiny, puny and having born few weeks in advance bit pale too. Next visit was when they were talking and my god they could talk. You can read about them on these posts post 1 , post 2 , post 3 Each time I will have some memorable incidents with those sweet rascals and this time was no exception either. One of the deadly duo has a pronunciation problem and can't say "sa" it comes as "aa". Instead of calling "Chithappa" he will say "athappa" and he started realising much before that we are making fun of his "spello" and would try to escape. This time when I was teasing him, my aunt, who is his grandma by the way, told me that it runs in the family and I

Inheritance of loss

Last week was a deadly one. It was an ordinary Monday. The alarm rang as usual at 7.40 in the morning and mom threw the phone at me, for me to get up (in her version) and for me to switch it off and go to sleep (on my version).  Curiously I saw a message on my phone. It was from my colleague cum friend and the news was not good. His mom had not been keeping well for a while and the news of her passing away was my wake up call for that Monday. I immediately called my fellow colleagues and within next hour we were all set to leave for vellore where the funeral was taking place. We stayed till the end and came back pretty late into the night. My friend was a real dynamite of a person and is as active as a red ant after food on normal days. It was sad to see him stand dejected and forlorn. The next day was even more troubling one. While going to office got a message saying that one of our team mates had been killed on an road accident. He had been to kerala for some friends wedding and