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To kill (many) a mocking bird

For long I've been reading numerous articles, be it blog posts or news paper clippings mocking the madisar maami or the so called typical Aiyar slang or the customs that are performed by Brahmins. It was the case in movies, where any leading hero from the time of MGR till date has donned the role of a Brahmin character to mock the community and its ways to achieve box office success. Its been one community that has often been ridiculed by anyone and everyone who wants to garner attention and like a meek goat that never bites back at people who throw stones on it, there has never been any violent protests or road rokos and not even a bandh call that I am aware of. Not that I am a "know-all" nor do I follow the pre and post activities of any such controversy. Just the way, the so called "intellectuals" who mock the community to their personal glory, I am also generalising now with the above statement. It often irks me when people criticise out loud any custom or

Veeram - Review

Boring. That's how I feel to write posts nowadays and also that's what I felt after watching the movie. Same old stunts, same old villain , same old tricks, same old hero worshipping crowd and really old Ajith. Ageing gracefully is one thing, but repeating the same get up movie after movie is blehhh. The USP of the movie was Ajith in rural role. He does look majestic on vella vetti vella sattai, with his trademark dapaanguthu dance steps for saavu melams. Whistle sound must've blasted many an ear drums on theaters. There are several pakka masss scenes written for target audience. Especially the tender quotation scene and the one in swing. Apart from those two, nothing else is noticeable in the movie. Tamanna..avvvv....ennachu antha kozhanthaikku. She looks whiter than before in a dumber than ever role of her career. Ajith's brother quadrants make up for the slots usually donned by friend gumbal in city based stories. And the story itself is almost 30 40 years old. I

Made in heaven - 2

" me her photo...phonela vachirukalla?" "Pazham thinnatha korangu...panam vaangatha politician..fiancée foto vachukaatha fiancé..chaancey illa" "Dei Adangariyaa..." "Photo kaetta edhuku phoneai noandittu irukka" "Its all in ..." "Mmmmm...She looks so chamathu..epdida unkitta maatikitta..ohh.sorry..Maatikitaanga" "She is one Santoshi Subramani..appa sol thattaathu...ivan usuala podra nalla pulla bitta vachu avanga appava correct ponna ushaar panitaan" "Poraama poraama" "Aaaamaaaa...apdiyee naanga poraama pattutaalum...ithana naala thaan enga kooda mokka pottutu iruntha..ippo thaan intha kodumaiya anubavikka aal arranged la..poi anga mokka podama innum ennada pannitrukka" "Yen nelama..neengalaam kalaikara alavuku iruku. Avanga veetla orthodox..cardiodox..neurodox. Intha kaalathula ipdi oru paradox. Number dial pannavay neram paakranga..." "Nera

Wish list 2014

If wishes were horses...well I would've lot of stable full of horses. That many wishes I got. First in the list is AAP. ada..aappu ileengo..Aam admy party. The word aadmi has been purpose fully misspelt. I am a staunch believer that India would be better served only under dictatorship. And that should be me is an open hidden agenda:D:D We need to be ruled. Sorry. One correction. We yearn to be ruled. We need someone to spell out things for us. We need heroes to protect us from disease to demons. We always look up for some messiah and have hopelessly high expectations on them. We forget and forgive the scoundrel leaders and would give up on them and their misdeeds quicker than the number of chances that we give for scrupulously clean common people. Our aam aadmis are always "adimai"s and wouldnt allow the yoke to be lifted off them. And this is where AAP's role is going to face its biggest challenge. More than Congress and BJP trying to topple it, its detractors knew

From year that was to year that would be..

I had actually started with my year end roundup much ahead of schedule only to post it in new year. That pretty much sums up my blogging year. Been very lazy and reluctant to post for no reason. Anyways, an year back, on the last week of 2013, I embarked on the longest vacation of my life and probably the most exciting one. I didn't realise it much then, but when I look back now, I am awe struck with wonder. I've recorded all those days much in detail on this very blog. As I re-read those posts each time, I am super thrilled and feel blessed. Agreed there was a bitter event on the very new year's eve that resulted in many a major decision in my life. As I look back to that event, it ties back to the conversation I had with my ex manager few weeks back on my personality. I am still sensitive and expect a lot out of everyone to behave the way I feel its correct. And I still take a long time to get over negative things. But the positives have always overshadowed the negative