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Vinnai thaandi varuvaayaa--review

Before the movie review..makkalay..pona posta pathutu mothama naan blog worldlenthu apeet aagarennu santhosha patta makkaluku..ungala avlo easya nimmathia iruka udra idea lethandi :) Uncanny sonna mathiri thirutu proxy ushaar panra velaila theevirama eranga vendi thaan :D Now for the review. This is not a once-in-a-life-time-never-before-told story sort of a movie. Inum solanumna..its so simple that, i can bet you there would be atleast one friend in your gang whose life story would match frame by frame with this one. The story is so simple..dialogues so major twists (Except for the ending..grrrrrrr). Apramum intha padathula pudikara mathiri enna iruku?? me..i felt the natural nature of the movie is its strength. No hype..over the top emotions..unwanted sentiments..everything is measured. Gautam menon even pokes fun at himself at some scenes. Its a simple tamil Hindu tenant boy, who is aspiring movie director, falling in love with Mallu christian landlord's gir


Memories!! Weird things these are. Makes you feel happy n sad at the same time!! Was clearing my mailbox today. Came across so many mails which made me smile so much that i actually felt bad while deleting them. It made me realise how much i am going to miss all these people. Not that i am in direct touch with them 24 X 7. Still the thought that, they are reachable whenever i want to was always comforting. Even now, there is not going to be any change in that aspect. Still some lingering pain is there for reason unknown. May be familiarity breeds pain also..apart from contempt??!! Like people facing death who couldnt think of anything bad about anyone and only love for others, i cant think of any bad thing to console my mind that i am doing the right thing. Its the difficult choice of choosing between two bests. I hope i am doing the right thing, my heart says a loud Yes. Anyways..people around me have always set very high expectations for me to follow which i never would be is a diffe

3 Loves of my life

ALERT!!!! LONG POST AHEAD. Obviously the post has been titled this way to misguide you and to draw more hits to my blog :D But yeah..true to the title this post is about the 3 lovely maidens who have traced through my entire lifespan till date. "Singara" Chennai: I would be lying if i speak up for the whole of chennai. Let me be precise here and stick to MYLAPORE. Whenever i think of that place, Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven on earth" song plays in the background. Its not that i get goose pimples the moment i step down there :D but something similar to that effect i should say :). A sense of security..a feeling that.."YES..i am in a place where i can manage come what may"...a place which really makes me feel at home. Whats there that make me hold it in such high esteem?? In early 90's.. for close to 5 years it went through acute water shortage..with people where running helter skelter to "procure" a bucket of water in the middle of the night

MNIK - review

King Khan rules the frames in MNIK. The movie tagline could've been "My Name is Khan..i am all over the movie". Barely 13 people came for the show i went. So much for the hype. I think by protesting against the movie, shivsena infact, helped it gain undue publicity. If they had requested, demanded rather, a free preview, like in all their other cases previously, they would've known this is one movie, where the crowds would be absent and whatever antics they show would hardly get any visibility. Is it a bad movie then? Actually no. By this time you would've got the gist of the story. Its an autistic muslim vs American mindset post 9/11. The premise though not something brand new, the screenplay has its own original sequences. The confrontation between Kajol and SRK, where she blames their marriage for the death of her son. Thats one really original scene i felt. Kajol suffers from Kabhi kushi Kabhi gham in many scenes. But considering she hardly does any movies the

Enna koduma saaar ithu!!!!

We are a group of 5 who share our apartment. Usually me and one more guy are the last to the leave the house everyday morning. Yesterday, the one who used to leave first for office, didnt come home till 11. I went to sleep after the usual book reading session at around 11.30. When i woke up i saw it was only me who was still lying on the mat while even the guy who leaves for office along with me, had already started folding his bed!! I was feeling very tired and sleepy and was in two minds whether i should take off or go late. Still managed to crawl..brushed teeth half sleeping and swtiched on the geyser. I turned back to see, suddenly it was pitch dark outside the bathroom!! Since the light was On inside, it wasnt power cut and i came out to see what was wrong. The guy who folded his bed, had moved to the hall and was again asleep!! Then only i noticed, it was dark outside the balcony too!!! I checked the time. It was 3AM!!! BOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! SOB SOB SOB!!! That useless guy afterwards

Best romantic dialogues..EVER

Love and Freedom of expression in times of Sena wud've been apt title for this post :) Thought i would watch MNIK and post its review to show my protest. Since i couldn't i settled for watching re-runs of the usual mushy movies which they show year after year in Star and HBO. I was waiting for Nottinghill, Harry met sally, Autumn in NY, Sweet November, You've got mail and Pretty woman. Surprisingly except for the last one, none of the other movies featured in any of the channels!!! Maybe the channel guys themselves got bored :D Anyways..these movies have become part and parcel of my movie watching gene that i've mugged up most of their dialogues by now :D Here are some for you to cherish and enjoy. Without googling..let me see how many of these you can identify and how many more you could add :) " I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out, I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich, I love that you get a little crinkle above your no

Babies day out :D

Last sunday went for my friend's kid 2nd bday party. They had invited all their neighbours and other friends to club it as a getogether event. In 2 days time their kid had grown so fond of me that the moment he saw me came running to me and took me to his new friends for intro :) I dunno what he told them in his broken language. But considering the after effects i guess it must've been something like below. "Yaruda ithu" one of the kids ask this guy "machaan..oru allakkai maatirukaan..freeya irunthena sollu..aala paatha anju farex dabbava oray gulpla adikaravan mathiri irukaan..evlo imsai pannalum thaanguvaan nenakren" "apdiya..test panni pathiruvom" Ten thousand blue blistering barnacles and thundering typhoons to all those parents who didnt come to the resuce of hapless gils. Adutha 1 hour..thenara thenara gummi. One is pulling my specs..another one climbing on my shoulders..two of them playing sarukku maram on my scientist kid did some

Review time again :)

Dear candidate, You've been shortlisted for the role of guardian angel of one urupadatha guy. Please consider this as my humble request and release me from this trouble. Puniyama pogum. Ippadiku, Guardian angel of Gils. I wouldnt be surprised if mine really sends out an ad like this. Round the clock protecting me with all alphabet category security :D Fell again from bus today, this time sheerly my carelessness, talking on phone and trying to catch running bus...fell down and more than the scratches, the stares of saga biryanis was too much to bear. Silenta.. niminthu kooda paakama came back home. Bad donkey small wall mathiri, after cleaning the scratches, saw two movies back to back :) and both were impressive :D so here comes the review. Vaamanan: Intha padatha paathaa oru vela scratches inum eriyumo nu doubt irunthichi. Still decided to give it a try as i liked the comedy clips and 2 songs from this movie. Nice hummable tunes. But guess what..right from scene one..

Gentleman gils

God created men. Tailors created Gentlemen. Not sure if i got the quote correct..but i guess you would've got the drift. Our society (read nagging parents/siblings/friends/colleagues and HR policies) expects us to be formal or atleast formally dressed on most of the occasions and urs truly belong to those species who wont be caught dead in a suit. And that particular day being friday, THE supposedly casual dress day (meaning anything from kerchief to bed sheet for females and checked shirts allowed for guys in my workplace)..i walked in wearing my fav green tee shirt and faded blue jean which had long given up hope of seeing any precipitation of any sort apart from sweat. Right from the moment i stepped out of my house i had a nagging feeling that something was not quite right. No..i didnt step out without my pants. But something was amiss. I could feel it. The moment i entered my office campus i realised..i had worn my tees inside out. I thought i will directly go to the rest room