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All in the game.

Another Saturday at Ram's house "Priyaaaa....I am leaving" shooouts Ram as he packs his kit. "Ram...Ram..Ram....inniki oru naal un cricketukku leave vida koodatha" "Sorrypa..already anga groundla enakkaga ellarum waiting..enga ponaalum latea pogarennu erkanavay ellarum thitraanga..." "Daily nee veetuku varathukkay nadu raathiri aaiduthu...weekend aana cricket velayaada odidra..enga kooda time spend panrathay illa" "sorry chellam..intha oru vaaram poren..adutha vaarathulenthu veetta vittu velila poga maaten" "engala vida unakku cricket mukkiyama poiduthula" "huh..ilama..corporate tournament varuthu sonnenla..athuku thaan enga office team makkaloda practice porom" "micha perlaam bachelor pasanga..veedu vaasal kelvi ketpaar illa..unakken intha veen velailaam" Ram's fone rings at that very instant. "Dei...oru inningsay mudia pogthu...innum kelamabalaya neee" his friend shout

Movie watch

Having yet unable to come to terms with his untimely death, every time my friends smiley face come to my mind, his haunting voice kept disturbing. Worst, when mom heard of his demise, she could not sleep the whole night and was mentally disturbed. The next day morning, she was suddenly missing and came after an hour. Later I realised, she had gone to worship the family deity of my friend on a nearby madhva temple to pray for peace and strength for his parents to bear his loss. It was another instance when my mom's action stunned me. She has this amazing quality of taking other's loss as her own and suffer for them. I would never be as selfless as her and even if I try hard its an impossible feat to match.I really needed to take my mind off the loss and indulged in binge movie watch. Oru kanniyum moonu kalavaanigalum - I am big fan of simbudevan. All his movies, right from 23rd pulikesi, aria enn 365il kadavul, irumbu koattai murattu singam every single movie of his has been