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Bed time stories by junior

“ padikalam” “mmkum..night 11 maniku than unakau book padikanuma..thoonguda” “Singaraja story book I want” “Ippo book eduka ponena Halloween vanthu thookitu podium” *Junior is terrified of anything Halloween and vampire. Aaana paakara videos ellam Halloween rhymes than!!” “Seri..apo un mouthla book sollu” “Apdina?” “Ungala kadha solla solraan” came another voice. “Adipaavi nee inum thoongalaya..appo neeye kadha sollu” Slight snoring sound started. “Inniki naan thaana …seri..enna story venum” “Singaraja story..paati solluvalay..antha story” “hmm…our oorula oru kaadu irunthuchaam..adhula our periiiaaa singam irunthuchaam” “kaadu illa..cave” “seri..cavela oru periiiaa singam irunthuchaam..appoanga oru rat vanthuchaam” “Rat appo varaathu..netla maatikitaprum than varum” “Dei..kadhaiya nee solria naan solata” “Naaney solren..antha lion hunteroda net la maatikuma..rat vanthu net eat panidum..aprum rendum odi podium…avloothaaan..aaaccchu” And I went to sleep while

Some more on sapiens

There was this passage in Sapiens that I found to be of even more interest as compared with the rest. It was about knowledge(science) and religion. I couldn’t quote it verbatim. But more or less have tried to bring out the essence of those sections. It says, science is humble at the point where it openly admits collective ignorance regarding the most important questions. No Scientist, even Darwin for that matter, never argued that “Evolution of species” is the “Seal of the Biologists” and that the riddle of evolution has been solved once and for all. It’s a theory which was and is still getting validated every day with more proofs and evidence. Truth is a poor test for knowledge. The real test is utility. No scientist had ever proclaimed saying that there was no God and science IS the answer to everything. In fact, the more famous ones were devout followers of God and one weird haired guy, inarguably the best of his lot, commented that “God didn’t play dice with the universe”. The poi

To be and not to be

There was this guy on our team in my previous company who was always surrounded by people. He would be seen imitating vadivelu’s mannerisms or would be talking out loud about something funny that happened in his life or how he messed up big time!!! He would hardly sit on his seat or solve issues, but most of the time would be seen talking with people. He had a knack of getting into any conversation and especially with senior management folks, who despite branding him as someone who only talks and never does his work, were always fond of him. Every time they would pull his legs saying he never does any task and would not assign any major activity to him, not as a serious reason and even will tell him openly that he can’t be trusted with critical work. But he was never penalized or escalated, mainly because nothing major or critical went to his queue and he was least bothered about them anyway. His primary and major skill set was communication and he was good at cricket. We used to tease

Sapiens again

The more I read Sapiens, the more I am getting convinced that the author is a mind reader. For a really long time I’ve been wondering where history ends and biology begins. There was an interesting thought process that I read sometime back that “Dasavatar” actually explains evolution – starting from Fish (Sea based), Turtle (Amphibian), Boar (Terrestrial), Half human Half lion (early humans), pygmy and rest all evolved humans. And even in that, it explains an angry sage in Parasurama, Righteous king in Ram, Mighty Farmer in Balaram, Mischievous to the point of being cunning Krishna and finally the yet to come avatar in Kalki. Whether one agrees or disagrees, the thought process being that, if life formation is tracked as Biology, when does history begins? If Big Bang is the starting point for Biology, where does Physics begin? Sapiens has its starting point in obviously the Sapiens. But the way in which the author describes about food gatherers becoming food producers and how only sele