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Paarvai onray pothumay

P.S: edho blogla short story kaampeteesun paathen...seri..pazhaya postaye anupidalamna..pudusa thaan mokka podanumnu soliputaanga..ennatha panrathu..unga vidhi ungala padathuthu :D P.S.S: poaatila particpatea inga clickunga.. "Kazhugu parvai..ivan kanna pudingi kuppaila poda..." rama padapadathaal. "endi rama..en ivlo tension agara.." "anga parudi uma..antha aala nanum rendu naala watch panitu varen...nanpora edathukelam pinala varaan..murachu pathukitay irukan..vekkamay ilama.." "ithula ennadi iruku..ava ava thanna yarum paaka matengarannaynu feel paniturukarchay..unaku oru admirer irukartha neanchu nee perumai padanum..aanalum ivlo super figure naan pakkathala irunthum una avan paakaraanna...hmm..avan eye sightla enaku doubt varuthu" "thu..un kita poi sonene.." "hey unaku venati en kita vitru.. naan deal panikaren..enaku ok" "enamo panni thoala..enthan ipdi alayariyo..."

Happy days...part II

Sorting Ceremony: There's nothing hidden in your head The Sorting Hat can't see, So try me on and I will tell you Where you ought to be J.K.Rowling Time flew..and soon we were facing our terminal exams...Just like the sorting hat ceremony in Harry potter series we had our own sorting ceremony called the terminal exams. "Whoever kept the name as terminal for these exams...must be a real genius.." commented Guna sagely... "haha...if you dust your books once a year atleast and see whats inside it wouldnt sound so hopeless..where is Shiv." "He is off to check out his part time job..someone should tell him..he is spending more time in that part time job than even a full time employee...hardly comes to classes..he is so money mindedda...i hate that guy..." "Danny..we shouldnt be judgemental on people without knowing the reason behind their actions..Shiv has severe financial problems at home" Everyone went silent..It was rishi who broke it...&q

Happy days

Makkalay...P.S podlamnu pathen..aana end varaikum padika evlo peruku porumai irukum here is P.S (Pre script) hehee. P.S: Enatharumai Blog makkalay..ungal gilspaandiyin anbu vanakkangal..Eric segaloda "Class" padichitu oru aarva kolarula..athey mathiri me the trying..avar 500 page ezhuthinatha naan oru 5 pagela mudikka try panren...ungalalaam nenacha enaku pavama iruku...avvvvvvvvvvvvv :D The Class An aspiring writer.. An ascetic monk A bumbling salesman An allround star One with superior inferiority complex One who lived his life by the day...never knowing what he missed and never bothered about what he needed...content with what he had and lazy to acheive more...a willing passenger in the ferry of life...reaching for the unknown destination and Another 70 of them..who are mere names now with barely recognisible faces... I thought the sparrow's note from heaven, Singing at dawn on the alder bough; I brought him home, in his nest, at even; - He sings the song,