My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

grrrrrrrrrrr....Tenthousand Bloo blistering Barnacles and thundering typhoons to Avada Kedavra for tagging me in this tag where I am supposed to reveal all those things I have done in my life, which as a guy I am not supposed to do. I thought of skipping this one..but she threatened me tht she wud curse me to wear pink pants for the next dozen years!!! Red shirt green pant and now pink pants!!! God save my wardrobe!! wat shud i consider as sin against my gender??!!! Rather i wud list down the sins i've done to my gender folks :D

**Shopping :D I can hear a chorus of cries from my friends when i mention this. I get "visions" as to what desing or color combo dress i would want at a given time and would hunt like hell for that particular design. Whichever bakra accompanies me on that quest would benefit loosing oodles of calories :D Will check every single factory outlet/showroom in Marathahalli and after 2 3 hours of search would call it off postponing it to Koramangala or JPNagar the next weekend. I've troubled them no end..this would be my sin numero uno :D

**Late latif :D I hate to be on time. Yes. Thats an open confession i make :) Again its not that i want to make people wait for me. Its a thrill to start late and rush against time to reach the destination :) JIT methodology :D But my roomies bore the brunt of it. Enakaga train ticket book panitu wl be waiting..wondering whether i wud be making it on time. I've troubled them no end on this. Triple g wud vouch that it continues even now :)

**Home Alone :) I can stay at home for days..without even bothering to venture out. Just give me books..some movies to watch and internet. I wont step outside. How it will be a sin against my gender? Well..none of my friends..that includes my parents too :D can never stay at home for more than few hours together. My mom till date will wonder how i manager to stay put at one place :) she would be the one to push me outside to go out and enjoy rather than staying at home :)

**RomComs :D more than action movies..i love romantic comedies. My roomies were die hard action flick crazy folks. Not that i had aversion for them..but given a choice would settle down with rom com anyday :)

**Risk avoider!! This is one point which i think would tally with this tag title. My dad always made sure that he drilled into me to become a confirmist. But me being me :) would always be the rule breaker. Even then i would never go out of my way to try any risks just to show off or anything.

**Fear :D FDR famously said "We've nothing to fear but fear itself" it was ulta for me. I used to fear everything. "Thenali" kamaloda inspiration gils thaan :D no doubt. I am not afraid to say i am afraid, still:) I used approach things tensely. Mind would be always like riot torn Kashmir..always red alert.. for the simple reason that i can never take failure lightly..especially when i knew i could've done it better. Offlate neria maariten. I have managed a bit to detach myself from my result oriented approach and enjoy what i do more.

Ok...time now to korthu uttufy peepals :)

Ramesh thala (i ejpet a laaaaaat from our thala)
rt (now this wud be a biggggggggggggggggggg list for sure :D )
Lost world (maatikiteengala :D :D )
rambam (this wud be surely an intriguing post :D )
uncanny (peruketha mathiri post irukanum soliputen :D)
G3 (LOL)
And whoever else who visits this blog :D compulsoria intha tag postiye aagnum :D Yaam petra imsai peruga ellarum :)


Anonymous said…
naan intha post-a paakkavo padikkavo illai....

Deepa said…
Dude! :D:D This must have taken a lot of guts to write! But I have to tell u this... there are guyz who secretly or openly LOVE shopping but blame women for over-indulging!

Claps, whistles, howls, etc etc! :) (you can wave to the large crowd like rajni saar)
Ramesh said…
Canot imagine gils reading Mills & Boon in pink pants ... LOL :)
Appu said…
Count me in for staying "Home Alone" and add some snacks to munch :) It is stupid stereotyping to say it is sin against our gender.
There are people like chennaigirl who can finish shopping in few minutes.[She is real super fast]
Anonymous said…
ROTFL@Ramesh's comment.. I can't imagine that myself too. Good gils, you took up the tag and so no pink pants for you :) Only green ones :P
But seriously, it's really nice of you to take up this tag :)Thanks for doing it.
I have seen lot of guys who like shopping. My dad is like you, he will visit 100 shops before picking a single cloth. I get so fed up with him.
Anonymous said…
Oh forgot to say, I like this new blog template of yours.
Aarti said…
left right center, ellarum intha tag thaan panreenga pola irukku... and ithana peru enna tag panina, naanum panni thaan aaganumo!!??!! ;o)

unga bathils me the likes... me too can be home alone, love eeet...i the need mujic too..:D

shoppinga? ada saami, naan varala intha vilayatukku.... me the likes romcoms too,but wait am a girl..hehe..!! ;-)

nalla vela, rendu thadavayla oru thadavai neenga solpa late ...

aamam, velaiye illiye? eppadi ippadi blogs pottu kalakareenga???
lostworld said…
Not fair gils.. I read your post yesterday & didn't see my name. Why why why (the sudden inclusion I mean) :-D

I loved Ramesh's comment. He stole your thunder. I'm not able to remember anything you wrote..hehe.
just kidding.. I am usually known for stamping my foot at late latifs :) Your shopping had to be #1. You would give all the women in my family good competition!
ambulisamma said…
Ada ada neenga already post panni irukkaradhu theriyama,ungala naan inikuu tag panniten.,seri okie.

Shopping.ah bayangara aachariyama irukku.
Suganya said…
Introductions First !! Your blog was always a good read for me. Very entertaining. Now,after reading the sins of yours, I would definitely like to show my existense to you. :) Build up lam pothum nu nenakrein..
Your acceptance on being a late latif, well gils, what can I say ?? Many who does that don't even recognise the inconvenience out of it. Ignorance is not bliss in this situation :) Good that you know what you do. I like it.
RamNarayanS said…
Pink Panter Gils. :-) :-) Fun to imagine. [In Goundamani's style] You are a colorful man.

Enna idhu enna poyi koaththu uttuteenga!!! :-( I am a biji man, these days. Blog commentsukkaey responseai kaanom, idhula tag postaaa. :-(

Seri seri. Lasta poatturukkaradhaala, enakku mela irukkuravanga ellaam tag post pannappuram, I'll catch up. :)
Vidya said…
I chose to visit your blog on the day you write a tag! :D

Nice job, Vidhya, but I wonder how any of this is a sin against the other gender?

Vidya said…
Ohhhhhhhhhh, wait a second, these are sins against your own gender!! Sorry!!

why don't you write "Gossiping" as well? You know as well as I do that men are good at that as the women are but just don't admit to it! :D

RS said…
LOL. Gils in Pink....blushing pink etal. Baas, nenchaaley sema comedy.....

PS: Word verification--sinest??!!!!
gils said…

:D :D :D y singam y :D


:) courage!! i was blackmailed into writing this post else carrying the curse of pink pants!!
gils said…
!!!mills n booonsa...yuck...


:) ungalukum enakum neria matter othu podhunga.


// Good gils, you took up the tag and so no pink pants for you :) Only green ones :P

gils said…

:) dankies


//me the likes romcoms too,but wait am a girl..hehe//

gils said…

// I am usually known for stamping my foot at late latifs :) // aaaaha ushaara irukanum ungalta :)


aaha...neengaluma..shoppingla ennanga athisayam :)
gils said…

heyyy welgum here :) neenga erkanavay comment panirukeenga nenakren? thanks for ur kind words
gils said…

pink pantera :D :D LOL..suuper :)


:) hey un blog neria baaki iruku padikka...coming there
gils said…
//why don't you write "Gossiping" as well? You know as well as I do that men are good at that as the women are but just don't admit to it! :D

aaha..sooper point :)


sinesta :D :D LOL

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